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The world in which we live is full of wonderful places that most of us do not know they really exist. Here you can see some of those breathtaking places form Pakistan.

Northern Areas of Pakistan:

Northern Areas of Pakistan is the most spectacular & fascinating place in Pakistan. Here, world’s three famous mountain ranges meet the Himalayas, the Karakorams & the Hindukush. The whole Northern Areas is like a paradise for mountaineers, climbers, trekkers, hikers & anglers.

The Karakoram Pakistan:
The historic Karakoram Pass (5575m), an ancient trading route between the Northern Pakistan & Xinjiang (China), gives its name to the range west of it that forms the watershed between the Indus & the Central Asian deserts. The eastern boundary of the Karakorams is the upper Shyok river from where it extends over 322 km westwards to the karumbar river & the Hindukush range, to the north Shaksgam tributary of the yarkand river & to the south, the Indus bounds the karakorams, Here the Nanga Parbat (8126m) massif is the western anchor of the great Himalayan range which stretches in an arc 24, 124 km east to Burma, it boundary & barrier the razor edge which for centuries has determined the destiny of south Asia. Such is the setting of the Karakoram Range, this remnant of a primeval ice age. The third pole with extensive glacier systems & the greatest concentration of lofty mountains in the World.

Highest Peaks in Pakistan:
Of the fourteen over 8000 meters high Peaks on earth, four occupy an amphitheatre at the head of Baltoro. Their shapes, forms, sizes & colors provide tremendous contrast, which defy description. These are K-2 (8611m) world’s second highest peak in the World. The undisputed monarch of the sky, Broad Peak (8047m) massive Gasherbrum I (8068m) & Gasherbrum II ( 8035m) the Pakistani Pyramids that even Cheops would have preferred for a  tomb, Muztagh Tower, deceptively sheer, Chogolise, the Bird Peak, in whose eternal embrace lies Hermann Buhi, the first man to climb Nanga Parbat, the Cathedrals of Baltoro with their great knife edge ridges, the sky cleaving monoliths of Trango Towers & the most beautiful of all, the Peak of perfection, Paiyu (6600m) first climbed by a Pakistani expedition in 1977. There are scores of over 7000 meters high peaks in the karakoram ranges & hundreds of nameless summits below 6000 meters, In the Lesser Karakorams there are equally great peaks such as Rakaposhi (7788m) the dominant giant in Nager & Hunza Valleys. Its north face is fantastic precipice (5791m) of plunging snow & ice.
The places of Hindukush is also a mountain vastness containing hundreds of peaks, many above 7000 meters including Trichmir (7705m) that is the highest point of the range. The western bastion of the Himalayas is Nanga Parbat (8125m), once dreaded as the” killer Mountain” but climbed many times by various expeditions since the first disasters.

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