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QAAFILA ADVENTURES, one of emerging Adventure companies in Pakistan, offering a range of adventure and cultural trips to the Northern Pakistan, a real paradise for adventure and Natures lovers, welcome you in this of Pakistan, which is the meeting point of 3 grad mountain ranges: The Himalayas, Karakoram and Hindu Kush. This Area comprises to importance region s Gilgit and Baltistan famous for the most beautiful valleys of the world. Because of Unique beauty of its mountains , legendry lacks , captivating valleys and magnificent glaciers , some of which are the longest outside the Polar region , the whole area is regarded as Paradise for Adventure lovers, in Northern Pakistan there are Five mountains over 8,000, meter, 29 over 7,500 meters and 108 over 7,000 meters. Peaks between 4,000 meters and 7,000 meters are countless. They bring with them an in creditable wealth of biodiversity: extreme differences in altitude and climate make them a comfortable home for numerous kinds of plants and animals.


Karakorams have held a grad attraction for mountaineers and Adventurers because of their beauty and stark majesty. The range takes its name from Turkish meaning black rock highlighting the dark aspect of these mountains. Karakorams have a long and interesting history. Renowned Chinese Scholar Fa-Hien crossed Karakorams in 399 AD. He took the Western root, non today as Silk Route, and reached the plans of sub- continent after a tiresome journey, to study Buddhism at Taxila and other Buddhist Universities at that time. Another famous Chinese traveler Hiuen Tsang also crossed Karakorams on his way from china to Sub- continent during 603 – 65 A.D.and describe the lofty peaks and difficult terrain in his travel books.


Buddhism reigned supreme in Gilgit and Baltistan for Centuries. A large number of Buddhist Monuments and sculptures in these areas and especially on the rocks of the hills bear witness to the glory of Buddhism in the past. Islam introduces in these areas during the 14 century A.D by the Sofi saints and preacher, who came to Central Asia and Kashmir from Persia and then to Baltistan. During the course of preaching, the Sofi Saints constructed Sofi Masks ‘called Khankah, meaning Islamic monasteries and wrote books on teaching of Islam and Sufism in Arabic and Persian. The influence of Buddhist religion in reflected in the architecture of several Khankas and shrines of Sofi Saints in different valleys of Baltistan after conversion of the people to Islam, especially in the valleys of Shigar and Khaplo , headquarter District Gangche.majorty of the people in Shyok Valley of Khaplo in the East of Baltistan bordering with the Indian held Ladakh are Sofi Noor- Bakhsia, a sect of Sofi Islam, who are the followers of Mir Shah Syed Noor- Bakhsh, A Sofi Saint, who came in this area and converted the people to Islam. He wrote several books on Islamic teaching with social reference to Sufism in Arabic and Persian.


The separate of Islam in Baltistan and surrounding areas is a Golden chapter of its history Baltistan Produced a galaxy of Kings who extended its national frontiers from Ladakh in East to Chitral in the west during 16 and 17 centuries. The name of Ali Sher Khan Anchan and his grandsons Shah Murad , Ali Shah and Sher Shah loom large and supreme. Ali Sher Khan Anchan was the 15 ruler of Maqpon dynasty of Skardu and a contemporary of Mughal emperor, Akbar , the grate. Anchan Ali Sher Khan himself married a Mughal Princesses named Gul Khatoon from Delhi to Skardu who brought architects, artist, engineers and musicians with her. Thus Mughal Culture and architecture introduce in Baltistan. In the olden days, Baltistan was also called , Little Tibet, in the ancient historical book was ruled by 3  dynasties,Maqpon at Skardu, Amacha at Shigar and Yabgo at Khaplo.The ruler of Baltitsan which were called Rajas were very fond of music and the game of Polo, which is a Balti word meaning Ball. The locals believe that Baltistan is the original place where polo was first played with its ancient rules and original styles. It is true that polo is the game of Kings and king of games and the Balti rulers introduce polo from Ladakh in the east to Chitral in the west during their Conquests of those areas. The game of polo is meaningless without music and rulers of Baltistan were grate pattern of music as well. During their rule every Raja head his own teams of musicians who were called, Mons,  they were given Lands by the rajas and exempted from all kinds of taxes these musicians were bound to play music at the time of polo match and other festivals. There were also professional dancers who performed on different occasions on the Folk and classical tunes / music played by the musicians. Infect the tradition of music in these region is centuries old. The local music also derived a great influence from Persian and Central Asian music. People of Baltistan were so fond of music that much of the history and culture of the region was and Shrine through folks – songs and poetry. Many folk – songs have been lost because those songs were never written but transferred from one generation to the other.

The Areas of Gilgit and Baltistan, once beyond the forbidden frontiers, is open today and linked with Islamabad by Air as well as by Karakoram Highway once known as the famous “Silk route” one of the wonder of the world. Qaafila Adventures being the native of the area has a waste experience of twenty years of leading adventure trips to this legendary land. We offer trips to other places of historical and touristic interest throughout Pakistan and also China and other accessible wonder lands of Central Asia. Karakoram Experience Tracks, Tours, Expeditions and Safaris manage. Objectives of these adventure and cultural loving company are to offer the best possible services to the satisfaction of the valued clients and guest. KARAKORAM experience is proud to offer highly professional and personalized services to our valued clients as:

  1. We build the relationship
  2. Hospitality is our principle
  3. Your confidence is ours


We respect and protect nature and cultural environment in every region we visit. We also give and share awareness to the local people to protect the beautiful Landscape and preserve the local culture and tradition. We work to preserve the fragile environment, culture and nature in the areas, we operate. De-foresting and soil erosion is a major concerned today and pollution is also alarming in certain regions and areas of Northern Pakistan. We share this concerned and are keenly aware of our responsibility towards a clean and sustainable eco system. People and mountain friendly policies are vital to protect mountain eco systems and support mountain people. Effort is being done is developing specific polices to address the need s of these unique regions and peoples. Join us! And let us be your host to an experience of a life time we assure you of our best possible services, as we do not compromise on the service standard and safety of our valued clients.

Qaafila Adventures will help you plan a made to measure adventure, making sure you experience every aspect of our magical word. We invite you to explore the beauty of snow Cap Mountain, the extra ordinary flora and fauna and the unique culture of people from several diverts ethnic groups. We have been organizing tracking, tours and expeditions programs for the benefit of individuals and groups from Europe, for the last 7 years. we are also serving on various packaging of programs such as tours tracking mountaineering, side sightseeing, expeditions, jeep Safari cultural and archeological tours and rough ting etc. our organization have highly qualified and trained team of mountaineering and tracking personals-guides cooks and porters (helpers) we have also highly educated and experience persons for the cultural and archeological tours.

So hurry up! What are you waiting for? Treat yourself to a break that will thrill and revitalized you. We provide what we promise! QAAFILA ADVENTURES